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About Expert Mortgage

EXPERT MORTGAGE has access to the best interest rates and available mortgage products in the marketplace.

EXPERT MORTGAGE agents are specialists in dealing with customers with bad credit or unprovable income. Due to our extensive network of OVER 400 PRIVATE LENDERS, we can offer mortgages to clients when most other mortgage brokers can’t. These private lenders are simply investors who have chosen to invest in mortgages instead of putting their money in the stock market. They wish to make a good return while also helping others who may have fallen on bad times through no fault of their own.

EXPERT MORTGAGE is also one of very few mortgage brokers to have a FULL-TIME IN-HOUSE COMMERCIAL AND AGRICULTURAL SPECIALIST. If you a farmer looking to buy more land or, simply wanting to upgrade your equipment, repair or perhaps put up new buildings, our specialist, with well over 10 years of commercial and agricultural expertise, can find a solution for you.

Whether you are looking for the lowest rates on a new mortgage, refinancing an existing mortgage, in need of home equity loan, or searching for the best products for commercial real estate, business loans, and equipment leasing, we can help.

Give us a call at 1.800.762.5191 to see what we offer.

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