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Alex Pulcini
Mortgage Agent

Having once experienced financial difficulty himself at a young age, Alex spent many years pulling himself out of the fiscal “hole”.  During those long years, he spent his time reading and educating himself about financial matters as a way for him to properly understand the value of money and, how to use it properly. After a successful sales career in several multinational companies, Alex decided it was time to focus his sight on helping others avoid some of the pitfalls that plagued him as a young man.   

Office: 1.800.762.5191 ext 1

Lisa Pulcini
Mortgage Agent

With a Bachelor’s Degree and double major in Finance and Accounting from McGill University, Lisa has a unique perspective when analyzing a customer’s situation.  Looking at a customer file as a “numbers person”, Lisa’s insight and advice to customer can prove to be invaluable.

Office: 1.800.762.5191 ext 0