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Alex and Lisa went that extra mile in helping us with our financial needs. They by far exceeded our expectations. Thanks so much!!

Ed and Carolyn L, Burlington, On

After falling behind on our bills, including our mortgage ,and having several garnishments,  we were weeks away from losing our home. Due to poor credit we were unable to obtain any financing from any banks. We saw an ad in the paper and decided to call. We were taken care of right away in a very professional manner. All questions were answered in an expedient manner. We were able to close our second mortgage within 2 weeks and save our home.  Amazing job Alex and Lisa!

M.L. Milton, ON

Every time I'd walk into a bank and say the word 'farm' the suit on the other side of the desk would look at me like I was from another planet!They had one agricultural 'specialist' for the area that was not much better.  Then I went to 4 mortgage brokers before I stumbled on your company.  Your rates were lower than the bank

M.D. Bradford, ON

I'm self-employed with bad credit related to a past business failure. My new venture was going great and I wanted to buy a home, but the bank would not qualify me for a mortgage. I didn't know about private lenders until I saw your flyer. Thanks for fulfilling my dream of being a home owner.

R.Z. Toronto, ON

The bank would not lend money on our farm unless we showed them financial statements. Since my husband passed away, my son and I were struggling to keep the farm afloat. We just needed more time. The third mortgage you got us was the miracle we needed. You believed in us and we are so grateful. Thank you.

S.E. Orono, ON

Earning only pension income, I couldn't keep up with my payments. The bank said that, due to my age, they could not give me a loan. Paying off all my debt and giving me one low monthly payment helped me save my home of 35 years. I am very much indebted to you.

G.S. Port Perry, ON

Calling Expert Mortgage when I did was one of the best financial moves I ever made.My partner and I were in some financial difficulty with our current mortgage provider.  The skilled agents at Mortgage Expert saved the day!  We owe you a great deal. Not only did they help us out in our hour of need but they have set us up with a promising financial future. Since calling, they helped transform our spiraling debt problems into a positive direction. We came to you with very bad credit and you really turned us around.I was led to you by a simple google search for "Bad Credit Mortgage Toronto Broker". That simple click of a button has made our lives infinitely better. Your fantastically good rate put us at ease with the whole process and all of a sudden our situation seemed manageable.If anyone asks me to recommend a mortgage broker I will tell them to contact Expert Mortgage, as I consider them to be the best mortgage broker in Toronto! Thank you for giving us the best solution to our mortgage woes at exactly the right time.The appalling financial situation that we were in seems like a bad dream now as we confidently plan for our future. We plan on re-mortgaging once more, not because we have to but because we plan on starting our own business. We will definitely be in touch with you for that as we know you will provide the best service. We look forward to dealing with your very experienced team once again.Thank you for the bad credit mortgage solution.

Sean and Jenn L Trenton, ON