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Financing For Your Home Loan: 3 Loan Features You Should Avoid If You Have Bad Credit

One of the main consideration factors that will determine if your home loan application will be accepted is your credit rating. A bad credit rating can be damaging to your attempts in regards to finance. Bad credit may be due to unavoidable circumstances like the loss of a job or a medical emergency, but it can also be due to irresponsible financial decisions. You should do what you can to avoid bad credit, as this is something that can haunt you for a long time.

However, if you do have bad credit, you need not despair, as there are options that will help to ensure that you own your dream home. There are lenders who are willing to offer home loans to individuals with bad credit. Applying for a loan when you have bad credit is not just about applying and hoping for the best, you have to make sure that you are ready to make responsible choices in the future. The last thing you need is to end up in a worse situation after a few years.

You should make sure that the home loan helps you to manage your finances more responsibly by avoiding any temptation that can make your bad credit history worse that it is. There are some features that you should consider avoiding if you have bad credit.

1. Avoid line of credit loans

If you have bad credit, you should avoid the line of credit equity loan. This feature allows you access to your home equity up to a value that is determined by the lender. In most cases, you will not need to make any repayments before you reach the limit of the line of credit. This sounds like a very attractive feature because it allows you to access much needed cash to decorate your new home. In most cases, a line of credit comes with lower interest rates than most personal loans or credit cards. On the downside, you have to be able to exercise a lot of discipline to avoid overspending.

2. Avoid linked credit cards


When signing up for a new loan, most lenders often come up with attractive financial products as part of the deal. While the features might work for some people, they are not great for people with bad credit. A linked credit card is one such feature that you should avoid. A credit card is a common home loan addition that offers a convenient way to take full advantage of an offset account. By keeping your wages in the offset account, you can save the interest, while using the interest-free days available on the linked credit card. This may be a good feature but if credit cards were responsible for your bad credit, you may want to think twice before taking up the offer even if the annual fees are waived.

3. The redraw facilities

Making extra repayments towards your home loan can be the best thing that you can do because it can help to reduce the repayment period. Experts will agree that if you can make additional payments, you should take advantage of this option when you have extra cash. Looking for a mortgage that allows you this flexibility without attracting an extra fee is a responsible financial decision but you should be careful if you have bad credit. The fact is that the redraw facility can make it easy to access the extra funds towards the loan, which means that you can undo all your good work very easily.

How to apply for a home loan with your bad credit

There are some important tips that will help you to get the mortgage that you need for your new home. Specialist loan products are available for people with bad credit. You should also consider looking for specialist loan products if you are in self-employment. If you cannot prove your income with a regular paycheck, the products will help you. There are lenders who offer specialist bad credit home loans that are affordable and easy to use.

You should also consider getting expert advice to make sure that you make the right decision. As much as you may want to own your own home, it is important to ensure that you can actually afford it. An honest assessment of your finances is important and it helps to seek professional advice about your ability to handle the responsibility of servicing a home loan. If the evidence shows that you are weak when it comes to your spending habits, you need to be careful when making this costly investment.

All in all, it is important to have a repayment budget when you decide to apply for a home loan. That budget will help to show the lender how you are allocating your money and how much of it is being saved. When you determine that you have adequate incoming funds to make mortgage repayments each month, you can then make the best decision about managing your home loan in the best way possible.
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