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Emergency Mortgage Loans
For Homeowners

We represent over 400 Lenders!
Many provide 1st, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages Even with:

➟ Bad Credit
➟ Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal
➟ Unemployed or Self Employed
➟ Mortgage Arrears
➟ Property Tax Arrears
➟ Power of Sale
➟ Pension & Disability

With the EXPERT MORTGAGE "85-Alive"™ Program, all you need is a property with more than 15% equity available.

EXPERT MORTGAGE agents are specialists in dealing with customers with bad credit or unprovable income. Due to our extensive network of OVER 400 PRIVATE LENDERS, we can offer mortgages to clients when most other mortgage brokers can’t. These private lenders are simply investors who have chosen to invest in mortgages instead of putting their money in the stock market. They wish to make a good return while also helping others who may have fallen on bad times through no fault of their own.

We know that not every customer situation is the same and so we do not simply use a “cookie cutter” approach. We make a point of treating every single one of our clients as an individual and try to customize a mortgage solution just for them. If you are considering refinancing your existing mortgage or buying a second home we will gladly use every tool at our disposal to help you achieve your goals. Our professionals pride themselves on giving the best possible service to our clients, tirelessly searching out the lowest interest rates and best solutions for their unique situation.

Our simple credit application and streamlined process saves our customers time while maximizing their financial rewards. We can offer you first, second, or third mortgages   Behind on your current mortgage payments? Is your bank threatening legal action? Don’t panic! We can help.

The information on this website details the various types of financing available, along with the benefits and inevitable drawbacks. Please feel free to have a look. The best news is that you costs absolutely nothing!  If you have a question that has not been answered on the site, please feel free to contact us, either via email or phone to get some further friendly advice.

It’s your money and you should be able to make an informed decision when it comes to your mortgage options.  We would be pleased to guide you through the process.