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Renewing Your Mortgage? Don't just sign on the dotted line!

Renewing your existing mortgage requires as much thought and consideration as when you first put it in place. Don't just sign on the dotted line and accept whatever the bank offers you.

At the time that your mortgage comes up for renewal, you are most likely in a much better financial position than you were when you were first applying for it, years prior.  You have paid down part of the mortgage, reducing the principal loan, and your home’s equity has certainly grown over time.  This gives you leverage when you go to renew your mortgage for another term and makes you a more desirable client to lenders. 

Most borrowers don’t take the time to consider all their options,  and simply renew their existing, out of date mortgage. The unfortunate result of this situation is that a lot of people are paying unfair rates that are no longer suited to their current financial status. Not looking at all available options at this critical point in time is careless and could result in borrowers paying thousands on dollars unnecessarily.

Our combined decades of knowledge in the mortgage business means that we can get you the most out of your mortgage renewal. With multiple lenders competing for your business,  Expert Mortgage agents will make sure you get the best available rate available. Freeing up those extra funds from your existing mortgage will allow you to pay off outstanding debts, clear some credit card balances, make some touch ups to your home… and a great deal more.  Our sincere hope that you, as the customer will be able to benefit from our years of experience operating in the Canadian mortgage industry

The Expert Mortgage team will work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best out of your money.  All you have to do is call 1.800.762.5191

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