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Mortgage Rates

EXPERT MORTGAGE has access to the best interest rates and available mortgage products in the marketplace.

If you fully qualify for a mortgage, EXPERT MORTGAGE can offer you the lowest rates in the industry… GUARANTEED! With our extensive broker network, we have access to both fixed and variable rate mortgage products that other mortgage agents simply can’t beat!  Additionally, if you qualify, many of our rates can be LOCKED IN for up to 4 months!

Should you not not qualify with a regular lending institution, then we can find you alternative solution with our network of OVER 400 PRIVATE LENDERS.
Term Rate Hold
1 Year Fixed 2.29%
2 Year Fixed 2.24%
3 Year Fixed 2.34%
4 Year Fixed 2.49%
5 Year Fixed 2.49%
5 Year Variable 2.20%
Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator