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Toronto Mortgage

Construction Loans

If you are a builder who is just starting out in the industry then we are equipped to provide you with the best financing plan to help guide your aspirations to fruition.

By catering to a great many construction companies and professionals we are able to provide a range of uniquely designed financing programs to meet all of your building needs. If you are a large scale construction professional that puts together hundreds of homes each year, or a smaller, more specialized professional we can set you up with a plan to suit your very specific needs.

Our unique ready to go products are as follows:

  • Credit Facility Management
  • Annual Customer Partnership Planning Session
  • Speculative Financing,
  • Purchaser Mortgages
  • Draws and Inspections.

With our simple application process we will have you set up with a loan designed exclusively for your business in no time at all.

What Does Expert Mortgage Offer?

Our team of experienced agents can offer your business the right kind of financing on both a pre-sold and speculative basis. With our services there are no front end fees or back end fees. We are completely up front with clients from day one. We understand that business can be uncertain at times so cancellation fees are waived with certain mortgage plans. With a range of competitive construction rates and flexible draw schedules we can provide the solution that you are looking for.

We pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions to make our clients more productive and allow their businesses to flourish. One of our most forward thinking mortgage programs will allow you to receive funds on each current construction project even during the early stages. The further you have progressed with the construction, the more money you can have access too. Our rates are outlined below.

Lock-up – 35% to 55% complete
Drywall – approximately 75% complete
Completion – 100% complete

*additional draws may be available with approval